Foggy Mornings

I awoke early today (5am), and found myself greeted by a cool fog as I went out to pick up the paper. The trees in my backyard are cloaked in misty mystery and I cannot see the lake. It is truly a foggy morning. I can feel this fog inside my body as well, as though the fog penetrated the walls of my house and crept into my body as I slept. It feels oddly comforting. It is nice to rest back in the ‘not knowing’, in the soft cushion of my right-brain felt sense this morning.

At first I pushed back against it – my organized linear mind wanting to get packed and get going…and yet, as the hours have unfolded I am enjoying it. This dialogue between what my schedule says, (and therefore the expectations I put on myself) and what my body’s felt sense says (my deepest wisdom can come out of this) is an ongoing discussion. I consciously choose to have this discussion be friendly – it really does make life much easier!

And everything that needs to happen is rolling out. I will get to AEDA I (HFAE1) later this morning with a lot more presence because I navigated through this time with a kind heart for myself and an enjoyment of the mystery of  the fog.


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