Focus on What You Love

I had a lovely session today with a good friend today who reminded me of something important. She told me that recently she had realized that her world had gotten quite narrow, mostly focusing on what was not working – worrying about the many unsolved problems she was up against in her world – unmet deadlines, health issues that were not resolving, money concerns, and not feeling like she had enough energy to meet it all.

So she went home one day last week, and took some time in her garden, drinking in the beauty of the flowers and the nature that flourished there. Then she went inside and sank into her most comfortable chair with her beloved dogs around her. She closed her eyes and brought to mind what she loves most. She let herself feel it deep in her heart and all the way to her toes. She started with her garden since she could easily remember the beauty she had just received and the aroma of the air around her.

Then she moved on to the clients she works with, and how under all their eccentricities, she really cares  for them and appreciates their business, which gives her an avenue for her creativity.

From there she moved onto her closest relationships and those people and friends that mean the most to her in her life.

When she got done, her aches and pains had vanished and she felt a sense of lightness. It lasted for several days and she realized that she was mentally a lot clearer in that time period than she was when she was worrying.

The most interesting part to her, was how some of the people she had been feeling so grateful for in her meditation, started doing things for her as though to thank her for her gratitude. One sent a basket of chocolate and fruit for an afternoon of hard work she had done for them. Another sent a note expressing how her work had changed his sense of connection to his life, his home and his own garden.

Her sharing this with me reminded me to slow down and have gratitude for what I have in my life. It is so easy to get caught up in the negative in life. There is so much of it and the media seems to harp on it. So I am taking some time tonight to spend time with my son, who is leaving for college tomorrow. Sending him on his way with warmth and caring in his heart from his mom.

Please Note:  Every session or interchange described by Suzanne in this blog has been done with the express permission of the individual(s) involved, or has been changed significantly so as to protect the person’s privacy. Where a person’s actual name is used, it is done with their full permission, often with a link to their own blog post about the session.


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