Feedback on Riding the Edge of Awareness

In response to yesterday’s blog post, several people commented to me that many feelings – emotions and certain body sensations are something they are not comfortable with. So how do I deal with and hold emotions of all kinds without becoming overwhelmed or paralyzed?

Well, it comes down to being able to feel my entire body. This means that whatever feelings I am experiencing are simply one part of a strong, flexible whole system. So I have a container that holds what I am experiencing rather than being washed away or inundated by my emotions – feelings – sensations. Who I am is larger than the waves of emotion or physical sensations.

“Give me a concrete example of this Suzanne!” Okay…if I am feeling vulnerable and my heart aches, or if I am feeling grief and my chest and throat are feeling tight and full of tears, I let myself feel those sensations. However, I do not dive into them. I feel them and at the same time feel the sensation of steadiness in my bones (ribs, spine, sternum) all around that waves of feeling. Also, I can pay attention to the sensation of my feet on the ground – another steadying sensation. In this way I can have sensations that are intense and part of the full human experience, and I can welcome them because I have a strong enough container to hold them.

This process takes practice and this is something you can practice at home. The Basic Relaxation and Energizing audio as well as the audio that comes with Full Body Presence: Learning to Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom are both helpful to build your sense of your own personal container. When you have used these tools and built the skill set, it will stand with you in times of stress. Enjoy!


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