Fear and Snakes

My blog post yesterday about the black snake triggered a lot of comments. I realize that in myself, the snake I saved was a metaphor within me, for something that represented fear – heart pumping, adrenaline producing, head-fogging fear. When I first looked at the snake I wanted to help, but my fear held me back. Once I realized I could not be bitten, the fear subsided and my whole focus shifted into how to help this poor snake. My curiosity was aroused and everything shifted. I did not know if I could actually help, because the snake was almost cut in half by the plastic around its mid-section, but I was open to discovering if I could. From there everything unfolded naturally.

It actually is a perfect metaphor for what I want to write about in my next book – fear. And the antidote to fear, which is the sensation of unconditional love. And what precedes that is openness to discovery – curiosity. So a door opened last Sunday, and I have now crossed the threshold. I look forward to it unfolding over the next few months.

I will be posting fewer blogs as I write this book, but do stay tuned as I give you previews of what is to come, and enjoy!


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