Fall Begins Here in Virginia


I LOVE this time of year, as the air becomes crisp and clear and the colors start to emerge from the summer green. Have you taken time to get out and experience this beauty during this weekend? If not, please do!

Advanced Energy Dynamic and Applications I  is this Wednesday through Sunday and it is going to be gorgeous out in the rolling hills and forest land of West Va.  This workshop is always a joy to teach, as I dialogue and share about how one’s presence can be such a powerful antidote to stressful situations in life; about how to effectively work with resistance to change and healing; how to recognize your client’s “energy signature” and your own; and how to step into excellence in terms of holding space for another person.

There are two spaces left in this workshop, so if you have been considering it for a while, now is the time to get registered. Click on THIS LINK for all the details and I look forward to seeing you for some wonderful morning walks and the fantastic views, along with the delicious food!


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