Exuberance – Are You Willing to Go For It?

The left brain, linear mind wants life to be manageable, controllable, predictable, reliable – categorizing it, figuring it out. And, we do need this side of ourselves, however, it is becoming clearer and clearer to me that this part is not supposed to be driving the bus of my existence! So what part of me makes for the best bus ride?

In a session recently a client brought up some wonderful ideas that really got me going on this question.

He spoke of how life is energized by miracles, by life’s mystery, by exuberance – and mostly by unbridled joy.

The question that came up in the session that I will ask you all now is:

“Are you locked into your persona – the parts of you that you let other people see?”

He realized that he was longing to be able to break out of that mold, that prison. The longing that came through was,  ”I have been wanting to find people to play with in my life.”

What a complete turn around from what we are taught to do!

What would it look like if you made more choices that included your exuberance and your joy?


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