Explorations – What are They?

Whenever my creative juices get flowing around how to explain things in my world, they won’t stop until things are complete. And, as I went to bed last night, I knew my explanations of meditation, hypnosis, guided imagery and Full Body Presence (FBP) explorations were not done.

For one thing, it still sounded like I was saying that the FBP Explorations were superior to all the rest. I am not saying that. I am saying that when you invite someone to explore their inner world, asking their system for what is unique to them, it elicits something different than when you ask them to see a golden ball of light in their heart, or relax and let their thoughts go by.

I spent 17 years with a daily Hatha Yoga practice that included meditation for many of those years. I have practiced QiGong and T’ai Chi. I respect all of these practices. They were extremely valuable to me. They gave me “energy muscles”. They taught me how to focus my thoughts and respect myself enough to have a daily practice that nourished me.

What they gave me was a codified way to enter my inner landscape and direct my thoughts and energy flow. What they did not give me was a way to listen to my inner landscape just as it is – with its unique strengths and growing edges. The ways that I nourish myself are different from day to day, and different from the people around me. When I can share a walk with a friend it is such a pleasure. But if no one is around and my being says, “Go take a walk”  I do that!

So, in short, the FBP Explorations take you for a journey into your unique inner landscape. They teach you how to reconcile with and transform the parts of you that feel isolated and in pain. These Explorations help you fill the container of your being so that you have healthier boundaries and much better connections to others. They do not tell you what to find. They help you uncover what is uniquely yours.



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