Secrets of Dynamic Midlife Women

March 4, 2020 – April 12, 2020 all-day
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Let’s face it, sister.

If you are part of what society has deemed ‘the wrong side of forty,” it can be rough to watch your body change as you age (especially if you are a woman).

Media messages tell us: “You are dismissed… you are invisible… you are no longer valuable.”

It’s very hard NOT to buy into that subconsciously – even if you have a natural, holistic outlook.

We need SO MUCH to hear messages of positivity as we navigate aging.

Because, the truth is, these are the years when your wisdom, your power, and your physical health (yes, your body!) can thrive.

Do you know the absolutely crucial thing that helps you know this truth deep in your heart?

It is having a circle of wise women around you. Women that understand you…women that have your back…women that reflect the beauty of you so you can see it too.

That’s exactly why I was so delighted when Anasuya Basil, a Midlife Renewal Health Coach, invited me to be a speaker in her FREE, online summit:

Secrets of Dynamic Midlife Women featuring Suzanne Scurlock
“Secrets of Dynamic Midlife Women”

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Turning the ‘wrong side of forty’ into the most vibrant, sexy and powerful time of your life!

By listening to 18 inspiring interviews with wise women such as Liz Lipski, Susun Weed, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Susan Bratton and Robin Nielsen to name a few – you will immerse yourself in a culture of positivity around women and aging.

You will also learn practical tools, natural health solutions and uplifting perspectives on topics as diverse as increasing libido, navigating big events like job changes or divorce, overcoming pelvic pain, food and forgiveness, and rewilding in nature.

A sneak peek at a few of the powerful conversations include:

  • Dr. Liz Lipski on digestive self-care and overcoming SIBO and GERD

  • Marcella Friel on releasing midlife body shame with EFT
  • Brooke Medicine Eagle with Native American perspectives on women’s wisdom
  • Robin Nielsen on S.O.U.L food for natural hormone balance
  • Susan Bratton on igniting your midlife libido

Look, we KNOW it’s total nonsense that our society dismisses the value of older women!

But to really shake ourselves free of this oppressive view, and to fully realize the gifts of this special time in our lives, we ALL need extra guidance from other wise women.

That’s why I highly encourage you to register for this FREE online event here:

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I wish you joy, brilliance and vibrant health in your life as a dynamic woman.


Founder of the Healing From the Core Curriculum and Author of Full Body Presence and Reclaiming Your Body

P.S. Midlife is a powerful time to speak your truth — and express your full potential.

If you’re struggling in any way, please sign up for this free online event here.

You deserve support.