FREE Online Event: Inspiring Women with Soul

March 1, 2019 – March 14, 2019 all-day
Virtual Event

A woman's hand holding a handwritten note: We, the Women

You can feel it, can’t you?

The feminine is rising all around the globe.

Women are designing new templates for living and leading …

As entrepreneurs. As political leaders.

As messengers sharing a uniquely feminine perspective.

As new-paradigm mothers who are raising our future generations.

And in so many more unprecedented ways.

We’re reclaiming our voices, our bodies, and our power.

We’re co-creating spaces to nurture, nourish and heal.

And we’re showing up with presence, authenticity, and our compassionate hearts.

As we redefine what it means to live a meaningful life, we follow in the footsteps of those who’ve gone before us — as we also become trailblazers ourselves.

To set you on this path, I’m joining an incredible lineup of awe-inspiring women as we share the essential keys for living a soul-powered life.

One that is bold, beautiful, and filled with passion and purpose.

Gather with your global sisterhood for this FREE online gathering and powerful mentoring series on March 1-14, 2019: Inspiring Women with Soul!

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Registration for this virtual event is FREE. Reserve Your Space Now.

I’m honored to be among 40+ visionaries — including luminaries like Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols, Sandra Ingerman, Christina Rasmussen, Esperanza Universal, Sarah Prout, SARK, Daisy Lee and many others.

We’ll share insights and practices that can put you on a path to personal fulfillment AND planetary healing that’s sourced from your heart and highest calling.

A path that is uniquely YOUR OWN as it also contributes to the collective solutions for the biggest problems of our day.

Come join a global community of more than 80,000 women — a community of powerful, kindred souls, who celebrate your heart’s desires and challenge you to live out your highest calling.

RSVP here for Inspiring Women with Soul — at no charge.

During this unparalleled 2-week gathering of women, you’ll discover:

  • Wisdom for developing a deeper connection to your SOUL
  • How to name and claim your purpose so you can live your most inspired life while making your greatest contribution to our world
  • Tools for stepping into soul-powered leadership & service… so you can help create a world that’s aligned with your deepest values
  • Tips for keeping the inspiration alive in your life every day
  • Guidance on improving your personal spiritual practices and the quality of your life
  • The power and wisdom of your Divine Feminine
  • How to stand in love in the face of fear and hatred
  • The sacrifices many women make when following their destiny path
  • How to re-engineer your life after experiencing loss
  • Essential keys to attracting more clients
  • And much more!

If you’re a woman committed to “being the change,” we need YOU.

It’s time to passionately engage in your life, bring healing to your community, and experience deep, delicious fulfillment.

RSVP here for Inspiring Women with Soul — It’s absolutely FREE.


Suzanne Scurlock

Founder of the Healing From the Core Curriculum and Author of Full Body Presence and Reclaiming Your Body

P.S. Here’s what women have shared from our previous Inspiring Women gatherings:

“Events like this bring the hope that another world is possible. One with whole human beings sharing this beautiful planet in equity, understanding, peace, joy, and love. Thank you, Devaa, for making it possible. Many blessings to all. “

— Luz Elena Langle, Jesús María, Aguascalientes, México

Inspiring Women with Soul card image“This women’s summit was like life-giving oxygen to me, wrapping me in a loving embrace of community, connection, inspiration, and hope at a very painful time in my life. Bless you all. “

— Bronwen Merle, Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada

“This is the time to ignite the spark of inspiration in the souls of women around the world. May this event continue to play a vital part in the invocation and gathering of more and more voices who stand up and say, ‘I can!'”

— Moira, Scotland

“This is the best gathering of inspiring women on the planet. It always resets my passion to continue on my path and the work I do. “

— Linda Savage, PhD, Vista, CA, USA

“The summit was a great resource that I will use in my personal and professional life, sharing with other women about self-care, mothering, and being present in my body, and also to fill my spirit in those time when life seems so busy and chaotic. “

— Johanna L. Rivera, Oslo, Norway

“Inspiring and grateful to be fed such motivational and heartfelt truths. Love the content and delivery by powerful and soulful women who are just like us.”

— Karen La Puma, Fairfax, California

“Participating in the Inspiring Women sessions have caused an empowering shift in myself as a woman and I feel deeply grateful for all of the women for their inspiring words and wisdom. I hope the program continues every year! “

— Jillian Garcia, Westbury, New York, USA

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