FREE Virtual Event: Feeling at Home in Your Body

December 12, 2017 – December 31, 2018 all-day
Virtual Event

A woman in tune with her being

What if you could start feeling more at home in your body AND life?…

Clear, safe, and grounded. So that you can live a life that’s creative, happy, and healthful — despite the outer turbulence of the world…

The key to experiencing this powerful shift lies in discovering how to reconnect with the deep wisdom of your body.

We all block out our body’s wisdom from time to time. Yet when you do this, you also block your access to your natural life force.  And to your true joy.

Come begin to dissipate the barriers to your body’s innate wisdom when you join me for Feeling at Home in Your Body: 3 Keys to Releasing Old Trauma & Opening to Your Body Wisdom.

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Tall image for Feeling at Home in Your Body courseDuring these self-empowering 60 minutes, you’ll discover:

  • Why cultivating a fresh sense of curiosity is essential to releasing old trauma
  • How the embodiment process shifts your empathy from a burden to a gift
  • How to tell when you’re taking on the traumas of the world… and how to feel them melt away by re-establishing healthy boundaries
  • How trusting the “smart way” can attract more resources to you
  • A sensory-awareness experience to open your foundational body wisdom channels

I’m passionate about teaching you how to open to your body’s invaluable wisdom. So you can be more present, healthy, wise, and joyful.

Ready to start releasing old traumas that may be blocking your full body presence and stifling your personal power?

Join me for this fascinating event!  Get Instant Access for free here.


Founder of the Healing From the Core Curriculum and Author of Full Body Presence and Reclaiming Your Body

P.S. During Feeling at Home in Your Body, you’ll discover how to consistently stay in touch with your body’s innate capabilities and your most natural and clear path to full-body presence and greater awareness.

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