CST & SER Mentoring Days (Reston, VA)

June 22, 2019 @ 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Karen Durana

Join Suzanne Scurlock for Our Next
Advanced CST & SER Mentoring Day

9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Saturday, June 22
Reston, Virginia

The Shortcut to SomatoEmotional Integration:
Meridians, Chakras and Vectors

Back in the ’80s when the cranial field was still young, “energy” was such an exotic topic that we used to call it the “E Word” in our classes. 🙂

Yet Dr. John, brilliant man that he was, understood that energy and matter were two ends of the same spectrum.

And he believed — if you truly want to effect change in body — you must master your skills at working with its energy systems as well.

That’s why Meridians, Chakras and Vectors play such an important role in nearly every CranioSacral session.

The problem?

There’s never enough time in class to learn how to use them in a deep and lasting way.

Which is why it’s so important for you to join me in our next Mentoring Day.

Here’s a bit of everything you’ll discover …

● Find out why the Meridians, Chakras and Vectors are the 3 systems I integrate in a comprehensive CranioSacral session most frequently. (If you’re making them only a small part of your sessions, you’re making a BIG MISTAKE.)

● Learn how to quickly and accurately assess the 6 Yin acupuncture organs: the Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, Spleen, Heart and Pericardium.

● Discover how to significantly improve your clients’ immune systems — and their quality of life — by weaving the Meridians into your Dialogue & Imagery, Direction of Energy and patient education.

● Discover how aligning the delicate Chakras and Vectors often dictate whether your tissue releases hold — or whether the client is back a week later complaining that nothing really changed.

● Learn each of the elements in Chinese 5 Element Acupuncture … and how they can point to your clients’ issues based on the season of the year. It’s like having x-ray vision that quickly gets to lasting solutions.


Give yourself the gift of a mentored trade session.

Get all your questions answered.

And enjoy a full day of warm camaraderie at a Mentoring Day with Suzanne.

Prerequisite: SER1

“The Mentoring Days are a priceless opportunity to be guided both by Suzanne’s wealth of experienced knowledge, as well as all of the wisdom and clinical experience that the group contributes.

“It’s a perfect blend of question and answer, case study, observation and hands-on practice.

“I am new to the group and was immediately ‘welcomed home’ with loving, compassionate supportive arms.”

— Jacqueline von Voss, LAc, LMT

“Each and every time I come, I learn something new and I deepen my level of presence.”

— Susan Mathason, LMT

Come learn and practice this important work in this safe and sacred space.

Cancellation Policy

While we do our best to accommodate changes, a $50 cancellation or transfer fee may apply.