Esalen Presence on July 4th

I have discovered something interesting on this WWPT – whenever I get on an airplane and cross multiple time zones my energy presence gets thin…like it is stretched from wherever I just left, all the way to wherever I am going. Then I feel a little tired and just a bit disoriented for about 48 hours…until my energy presence “catches up” with where I am.

At first I thought this phenomenon had to do with sleep. That certainly contributes to it. However, there seems to be an actual energy presence component involved that has very little to do with sleep.

It is possible that this is just my physical system’s response to travel that includes many time zones. However, when I arrived here in California last Saturday, well rested,  I noticed that the sparkle on everything that I normally experience at Esalen just wasn’t happening.

It clearly was not the weather. It was a deliciously cool sunny day. Here is sunset over the Pacific Ocean from the lawn.

It was not the people. I was warmly welcomed by my son Aren, whom  I adore, and helped with all my bags and fed.

Something just felt, well, “thin”.

The next morning I woke up and just laid in bed – no energy. I couldn’t think of a thing I wanted to do. Very weird for me. Then I remembered that this had happened on the first morning, in the same way, in other places on this tour.

This energy flatness or thinness lessened slightly as the day went by, but it was still there.

Then two days ago I woke up and bounded out of bed. I made my morning tea and felt my neurons firing, ready to take on the world.

All of me was back – I was solidly in my bones. I was fully present again.

When I reflect back on the last 5 weeks, and each leg of my journey this summer – the first two days or so in each place felt the same way – whether it was a completely new or a familiar place did not matter. Whether I lost sleep in route or slept well did not matter.

From this new awareness, I am getting an understanding of how my energy works best when I change time zones. I clearly need to build in time for all of me to “catch up” from the travel.

Yesterday was July 4th– look closely at the sunset photo. Not only is the sparkle back on everything. There is a green nature spirit photo bombing the sunset – it is right there on the lawn in front of the fence, waving to us.

And, enjoy!


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