Energy Rich Community

I have finally landed back in California to complete the rest of the Legacy Program at Esalen Institute. I am sitting here with my steaming hot mug of tea, looking out at the rain and feeling very full. I have just spent last Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday swimming in what I call “”energy rich community.” It is rare to have this incredible combination together – in fact, it is my first time, actually.

It started last Friday when I got to spend a full day with a fabulous group of  Georgetown University leadership coaches at the launching conference for the Institute for Transformational Leadership.

As though that were not enough, that evening I hopped on a plane for Palm Beach, FL and got to spend the rest of the weekend with all of the CranioSacral therapy Instructors and therapists from all over the world who were gathered to honor and remember Dr. John Upledger.

I am honored to have witnessed a birth (of the Institute for Transformational Leadership) and those gathered for Dr. John’s death all in 48 hours. The community in both places was rich, rich, rich – and I loved it all. Both healing communities, in their own way, taking an important message of transformation and growth into the world. And I get to be a part of both of them. Ah….I feel so full! Deep gratitude for my life and work here.


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