Emptying the Cup

All my life I have had a propensity for filling my schedule and my life full of friends, events, tasks, and goals to be met. I am very inspired by what I do, so this is not a problem on many levels. However, too much – even of a good thing – is still too much. It leads to burn out and low energy, low inspiration days, into weeks if it is not caught in time.

To balance this tendency on my part, I have developed at habit of  ’emptying out my cup’ of events and putting myself in situations where I do not have to think or do anything. I do this on a regular basis. Given who I am, I schedule it so that it does not get forgotten. I tell my staff, friends and family, so they can remind me to follow through with the ‘emptying of the cup’ process.

Here are some of the ways I love to do this:
I can get nurturing bodywork that requires nothing on my part but to relax and receive it.
A pedicure can do it for me.
A leisurely lunch or dinner with a friend can do it for me
An afternoon in bed reading a great book and napping is wonderful.
Sitting looking at the water is the great.
And, of course, walking in nature is one of my favorites.

These are just the first few that pop in right away when I start to brainstorm for myself.

What ways do you utilize to slow down and rejuvenate in a healthy manner?


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