Emilie Conrad’s Legacy

Early morning heavy grey skies,
earth soaked and shining in her wetness,
reflections on the lake, a muted silver streak
life rolls out a new day.

Preparing to teach
I reflect again on how much Emilie has given to me.

As I show the breath and movement
I will hear her beside me,
Feel her within my heart
and share with gratitude
the warmth of the experience.

“Whenever we do Continuum, we can meet her. Whenever we feel and sense our liquid nature and connect and be with it, we can feel that Emilie is everywhere, flowing with joy and love. She is in our every breath and pulse. We can hear her laughing voice and feel her love and blessings.”
From Yoko, a woman who started a prayer circle for Emilie after our class together last January.



One thought on “Emilie Conrad’s Legacy

  1. I am here,in the north of our Planet, Finland
    A woman who once paralysed of fier, of people who where not on their bodies
    Yes, in my journey I met Susan, Truely with Continuum I started to live again, with this, we are a part of million years ongoing process..
    I got helped and a group of woman were my middwives
    Yes Emilie you showed me the Way Back home..
    In Virtul lessons..I was just in your neighbour, otherside of our Planet Still guite near ..in by heartbeat my gratitude sings a song, thank you all Continuum people and Emilie
    With Love Reija

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