Embodiment, Integrity and Ethics in Action

It is interesting how the Universe seems to bring me things in waves and this week the wave is about Ethics in Action.  I recorded a one hour class on it this past Monday to be aired for  the World Massage Conference coming in November, and I teach again this Saturday for an afternoon at the Trager National Conference.

In the next decade, as a profession, we would be wise as bodyworkers to cultivate the deeper level of ethical action that occurs when we are more embodied. Most of us currently have a good basic knowledge of ethics that clearly delineates both what we do and don’t do, in and out of the treatment room. I love exploring the territory beyond that – what we find when we move into the integrity of the navigational system of the body as the ground of our knowing about what is ethical in any given situation. This means knowing when someone has crossed a line even if we cannot put it in words at that moment. It is also what tells us when something is ‘spot on’ in terms of our confidence and creativity.

What I am referring to here is the process of embodiment as a primary tool for navigating ethical boundaries, and establishing and maintaining ethical therapeutic relationships. This requires that we have the basic skills to be connected to our environment, our clients, etc. in a healthy manner; that we know how to connect with, but not invade another person’s personal space; and that we know how to hold our own boundaries firm when needed so that others respect and honor our personal and professional space.

Building from this foundation is the deeper level of integrity and ethical behavior that emerges as we ourselves become more grounded in our own bodies and in our own inner wisdom as practitioners. In my three decades in bodywork and teaching, my experience is that we all have access to this innate wisdom, but many have never consciously recognized it.

I love getting to explore how to bring this inner wisdom to conscious awareness, and to engage with it, as I am doing this week. More on all of this later!


One thought on “Embodiment, Integrity and Ethics in Action

  1. Susanne I am intrigued with your statement “I love getting to explore how to bring this inner wisdom to conscious awareness, and to engage with it, as I am doing this week.

    I am on a journey in discovering how to bring my inner wisdom into my sessions when I am on the table.
    I have no trouble accessing my inner wisdom as a therapist but I am experiencing something different when I am on the table. It is interesting to meet people who are able to have this conversation. I just attended a class with Stan Gerome on Mastering Dialoguing in CST…… I emerged with another layer peeled away but have still yet to meet my inner wisdom face to face in my own CST session. I just felt like sharing this with you. I am enrolled in the Webinar class with you and Kate. I hope to someday actually take a class with you. Until then journey on, journey on. Shalom

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