Elements of a Successful CST Business

I like to offer my CST students lots of different opportunities to grow their practices so I am happy to announce that I will be joining Kate Mackinnon and Robyn Scherr in their Elements of a Successful CST Business online class.
Many of us in CST have great clinical skills, but are challenged when it comes to setting up and maintaining a successful business. If this is you, tune in to this 8-part course to learn specific steps you can take for a business that supports and sustains you, no matter where you are in your practice.
Ask me questions live on May 30th, or post them on the discussion board so I can be sure to address what’s going on for you. All the details (and information about signing up) are here: https://app.ruzuku.com/courses/13312/about

This course  will answer basic and advanced questions, such as how to know how much to charge, how to speak about your work in a way that brings clients in your door, and how having solid business boundaries enhances your clinical skills.

It will address ethics, dispel some woo-woo business myths, present methods for marketing with integrity and grace, and will help you move past overwhelm and confusion into productive action.

Whether you’re just setting up shop, or have been in business for decades, using business skills that express and align with the craniosacral paradigm will help build your success.

You’ll have opportunities to get specific feedback for your unique situation, and you can have your questions answered both live on the calls and on our interactive discussion board. You’ll have our support, and the support of your fellow therapists, as we celebrate each others’ successes.

April 25 – June13, 2016
Mondays at Noon PST
8 total classes including 4  live Q&A sessions!
PLUS all sessions will be recorded and available for listening at your convenience.

Cost: $129 until April 17th and $149 thereafter
Again, learn more and sign up here: https://app.ruzuku.com/courses/13312/about

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