Election Recovery

I live in a distinctly blue/democratic part of the country so the days since the election have been like living in the twilight zone. My colleagues, family and community have been a support; such a rich resource for me personally.

Many of us are holding a healing space for the trauma, fear and dread in our families, our children, our friends and clients, even as we struggle to process our own emotions about it all. It is who we are – how we are wired – as one close colleague reminded me recently.

I have strived to do what I could, holding a grounded, clear space for those in confusion, even as my own emotions churned. Listening as others voiced their fears while holding my own.

Some around me have gone rapidly into denial. It is simply too much to hold for long. Others have sunk into despair, getting sick, losing hope and energy. Others are praying that the good in the world will prevail, despite all current forecasts, as it always has in the past.

I was encouraged to read an article by Stephanie McCrummen entitled, “Questions of Faith.” It was a clear, sweet piece about continuing to take small kind steps in our lives to ensure that the hatred and bigotry is not winning the day despite what the election results may be forecasting. Here is the LINK.  It is well worth the read. It reminded me of the community in which I grew up at Takoma Park Baptist Church in Washington, DC.

As each day passes the dread and foreboding fade just a bit. And, then someone sent me Tess Rafferty’s 2016 election assessment. See my blog post tomorrow for it.


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  1. Hi Its Kaarina from Finland. We in Europe also sence a kind of shakeing waves of what is a going in the USA the political field. I just want say that there is me and maybe millions of europeans, other side of the globe, who feel great compassions of those americans who feel hurt and pressed down.

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