Eating Consciously and GMOs

Day three of Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries and we will be touching on more aspects of being present in our lives. One issue that is vital to all of us is being conscious of what we eat. It can be a minefield to find healthy food these days if you eat out as much as I do. SO, I was delighted to receive this short video from interviewing Jeffrey Smith, one of the leading experts of GMOS, about how to eat healthy when you are eating out. You may also like some of their other short information videos as well. I find their information clear, non-alarmist and accurate.

Here is the video. And, enjoy!


One thought on “Eating Consciously and GMOs

  1. Suzanne, This was an excellent post re: GMO’s. I consider myself quite informed on the issue, but I learned a lot, and much of it is actually good news. How refreshing! Miss you.

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