Early Mornings With Emilie

It is early morning and I am awakened by dreams of traveling in unknown lands without a map. I wake up feeling uneasy and a little anxious. Then I remember my lessons from a master of diving into the fluid unknown and it brings a smile to my face.

Every year for the last eighteen years (except last year when we traveled to London instead) Emilie stayed here in my home for a week as we co-taught all our myriad of courses together. I could never get her to do the same topic twice so we taught something different every year about Continuum and healing touch.

So each morning of her stay around 6am, I would quietly exit my bed, soft footsteps padding down the stairs and gently knock on her door, knowing she would be awake already. She always was. “I’ve been up since 4am doing my movement work. Come on in and let’s plan our day.”

And so, we would huddle together throwing around ideas. Mostly her talking and me madly taking notes to organize it all. It was always a creative free for all. New ideas could sprout moment to moment, even though our published topic was something else entirely. And I would deftly try to weave it into what the participants were expecting based on the topic that year, as well as my power point lecture for the day.

To top it off I could never be sure of what would come about once we were actually in the room together teaching, so each day was an adventure into the unknown.

Initially I tried to control the whole structure because it made me feel better and I thought it benefited the students to have an outline to follow. Ha! Across the years I realized that it was hopeless and that the bigger fluid intelligence that moved Emilie was in charge and I might as well relax and let go into the unknown as well.

For those of you who have watched one or more of our series of classes on DVD (hopefully) you can see my progress in letting go across the years – this letting go into the unknown is a true journey and Emilie led the way effortlessly. Looking back I don’t think she could have done it any other way.

In the training room she would gracefully slip into another realm, informed by the muses of fluidity and take us all with her. What a teacher. Thank you Emilie.

Here is a link to a Youtube video clip (less than 4 minutes) from a recent year where she is heading into a five day class and opening the door, as only she could do, for everyone to enter with her.

I’ll post more in days to come.¬†Enjoy!



One thought on “Early Mornings With Emilie

  1. I so appreciate your postings, and most especially right now, these about Emilie. Today’s writing brings me an image of trying to control the ocean…..Em was moved by something so much larger and more profound. I am grateful I had the opportunity to watch you learn that whatever was written down was bound to change as the day went on. One of Em’s lessons for all was letting go, and you displayed such grace in that process. Thanks Suzanne. Off to a Continuum class!

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