Drinking Deeply in the Well of Your Soul

Yesterday I blogged about what we miss when we move at top speed or top capacity for most of our lives. I talked about how what we miss is being able to tap into the deep well of the heart when life is whizzing by.

Then a colleague of mine came in and shared this story which so beautifully illustrates the spontaneous, synchronistic events that can occur when we slow down a little. Here is the link to Olga Rasmussen’s blog site and her story is shared below with her permission.

The Gift of a Blue Butterfly

I was given a gift today. It was the gift of a blue butterfly…After a lazy morning, sleeping in and moving slowly, I went for a walk, listening to Andy Williams tunes, like the song – “Try to Remember that kind of September…”

The day was warm, and beautiful – and I thought to myself, I do live that kind of September where life is now mellow…”

Half way through my walk, a blue butterfly flew almost directly in front of me and then perched itself on the branch of a Leyland Cypress on the edge of the path. It spread its wings magnificently, and stayed there – unwavering, for what seemed to be an eternity…

I looked at it, only inches from me, and was surprised it did not move, and seemed not afraid of me in anyway. I was determined not to be the one who moved first.

Almost immediately, I felt my heart flooded with incredible love for this creature – for all creatures – as I thought of loved ones in my life. In that moment, time stood still and I felt a deep sense of oneness with this incredible blue butterfly.

No one passed me on this walk – and that in itself – is rather unusual. I furtively stole a glance to my left – and then to my right – but there was no one in sight. It was I who became momentarily distracted – not the blue butterfly.

And then it seemed like someone was approaching my left side – but when I turned to look – all I saw were the rays of the sun beaming through tree branches and casting their light in a circle that seemed impregnated with a golden and brilliant hue and with so much love as well. Almost instantly the circle danced and morphed into what seemed to be the shape of a lotus. I realized that this light was a Presence that was never absent to me… I felt surrounded by a legion of spiritual beings, those who have gone before me and are still with me, and those who have never manifested on this plane of existence, all cloaked in the Presence and Love of God as well.

I looked back at the butterfly that had remained steadfast and unwavering – its wingspan fully spread. I saw a spot on its left wing where it was slightly separated and maybe damaged.

My heart swelled with love and I was moved to tears. In that moment, everything seemed connected and beautiful and I felt immense peace. I did not feel alone and realized I have never been alone, even when I felt desperately so.

I thought of walking on, but the butterfly was teaching me so many things on so many levels. It was teaching me about being fully in the present moment. It was teaching me about receiving unconditional love. I gave thanks to it, and for the messages it was bringing to me.

And so the butterfly remained, for over a quarter of an hour – and I stood there – my eyes locked with it – and no one else came by during that time, or for the remainder of my walk.

Then suddenly, its mission accomplished, it gathered and folded up its wings and gracefully flew away, and found another perch eventually.

I have never seen a butterfly like this one. I came home and looked up blue butterflies, and found that some types are rare and facing extinction. I also looked up the meaning of blue butterflies and butterflies in general, for in many shamanic and Native American cultures animals all have some significance, and they have been showing up for me – physically or in my dreams since this year started.

I feel incredibly moved, and know that something happened today I don’t fully understand in this moment. It was one of those mystical experiences that is simply a gift. I leave you with some information I found online about the meaning butterflies…

Transmutation, Dance of Joy
The butterfly is the symbol of change, joy and color.It is the symbol of the soul.

They remind us that life is a dance,not to take things quite so seriously.

They also remind us to get up and move.

Dance brings the sweetness of life.

Butterflies bring color and joy to your life.Look at them and remember what joy is in your life,

if its a lot or a little, it is still joy.

They teach us that growth and transformation does not have to traumatic;it can occur gently, sweetly, joyfully.

If a butterfly totem has shown up in your life,make note of the most important issues in your life,

and see what needs to be changed.

Meaning of a Blue Butterfly

Butterfly are often considered as a sign of life, as it’s an adult which is at the peak of its life. Butterflies are often regarded as a symbol of love, and so can be seen used in various cards and paintings. In many cultures, butterflies are used to symbolize rebirth.As butterfly goes from its larva to pupa state, it becomes almost non-living. But, again it comes out of its pupa state into an energetic adult as a butterfly. This symbolizes rebirth.

Just like the above meaning, resurrection is another meaning associated with butterflies due to their metamorphosis.

Many times in Christian art Jesus is shown holding a butterfly.

Woman and the butterfly

Blue is a fresh color, and often blue butterflies are used to show joy and happiness. This color is also a cool color, and spotting a blue butterfly or holding it can have a calming effect.

Often observing a blue butterfly is considered lucky, as these are rarely seen in some parts of the world. Butterflies have iridescent and shimmering wings.

They are beautiful and colorful creatures. Due to their beauty they are also used by many artists to make various crafts.

This animal totem is considered sacred by many cultures and so considered mysterious and spiritual.


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