Dreams – the Language of the Body’s Wisdom

Today at Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications II we delved into dreams and how to translate what comes up for each of us when we sleep. One theme that emerged was the way in which our dreams can speak through our felt senses. What I mean by this is that the metaphors or symbols that show up in our dreams can be best understood through our bodies.

One participant who has worked with dreams for years said, “Today gave me a whole new confidence in my ability to learn my own unique dream language and symbology. For years I have depended on someone else to frame my dreams for me – then I could finally recognize the meaning or the message. This process really supported me in going inward and learning to listen to my own wisdom. I no longer feel the need to run out and buy yet another dream interpretation book.”

It was a rich, rich day ending in dancing, laughing and drumming – our three favorite past times here when we are not deep in our inner learning and growth. May you have interesting dreams tonight!


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