Don’t Settle for A Spark-Light a Fire Instead

Twice today I found myself listening to someone telling me how they had been settling for crumbs all their life, and how ready they were now to step up to the banquet table instead.

The metaphors here are rich and it speaks to moving from living in a rabbit hole of what you have always been given – perhaps what feels familiar – and what you choose for yourself in order to truly thrive and keep your energy reservoir full. Keeping it full enough means having the capacity to do what you came here to accomplish at a Soul level, so this is important stuff.

So often we have limiting beliefs grow inside of us due to early traumas and experiences. This causes that “rabbit hole” existence of making do, struggling, and compromising even when it is draining and tiring and not what you truly want or need. And, all of this often happens under the water line of our conscious awareness. It is simply what exists in our lives – what has always existed and what will continue to exist unless we choose something different.

So it was exciting to hear these two clients come to this awareness all on their own, and talk about choosing something better today. It is the first step to a more vital, life-giving existence. It is the primary move we must make to change how we experience life.

Then, the funny part happened. I open a Dove chocolate bite after lunch and it says, “Don’t settle for a spark – light a fire instead.” I chuckled all the way to my next appointment. The universe was sending this signal loud and clear, eh?

What does your banquet table have on it? Do you know? Are you choosing it regularly?


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