Deep Love, Connection, Gratitude and Inspiration!

I have just completed the 2012 Beyond the Dura conference in Jupiter Beach, FL and I am leaving with a feeling of deep love, connection, gratitude and inspiration that was shared by many throughout the conference.

The deep love was what we felt for this incredible work we do every day; work that does so much for the healing of our clients and patients as well as the planet; and deep love for the man who brought this to us all, Dr. John Upledger.

The connection we felt between all of us and on out into the All – Great Mystery, God, the Field. Whatever you call it, we felt it – like never before. This conference has always been a friendly forum for sharing, but this year surpassed them all. From the multiple talks from long time therapists about the essential nature of Dr. John and his work, to the joyful exuberance of dancing on Saturday night, to the huge international presence and sharing of what is happening all over the world with CST, we felt the web between us all growing exponentially.

The gratitude ran deep for who Dr. John has been to all of us, and how his work has changed our lives. It was like an aquifer, feeding us all as multiple people shared their experiences with him and reminded us of who he was, as a man, a teacher, a writer, and an incredible facilitator of the healing process – like no other.

The inspiration throughout the conference presentations was amazing. From research already being done with different populations, (and how we can all help jump start a bigger effort with very little effort!) to glial cell function and how to enhance it, to learning how to live and treat more deeply from the navigational system of your entire body – it was fabulous. All the exciting people and presenters and topics will soon be online for those that want to have the next best thing to being there, or want to catch breakout sessions you could not attend.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to John Matthew Upledger and the entire staff at the Upledger Institute for creating and supporting this extraordinary conference to mark Dr. John’s 80th year, his life and his work – you did it and it was magnificent!


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