Deep Listening

Had dinner with a longtime friend after writing my blog yesterday about the high cost of perfectionism and the ease that is available to all of us when we know how to listen. This friend has been in practice about a decade longer than I have  – so really she is an honorary “Grandmother” in my world. She holds a position of respect and wisdom.

My friend just threw back her head and laughed at me, her long, gray braid bobbing on her shoulder, when she heard the topic of my post. Then she proceeded to lecture me, as only she can do, about deep listening. Here are some bits of her wisdom.

Some therapists don’t have their inner sensors “on” and they are working from what they think they are “supposed” to do. They follow the protocol, but don’t stay long enough in one place to really get a full release of any kind. We all have been treated by these people – argh! Just when the tissue is starting to let go, they move on and you are left with an odd sense of incompleteness. This is particularly frustrating if you know your own body and can tell that you needed just another minute or two for completion.

The other end of the spectrum is the perfectionists that I wrote about yesterday. They are meticulous about staying in one place until every cell has let go. They do get the job done, but treat less places and work harder for every release. And, it is really not necessary.

Somewhere in between is that place of ease where we slip into communion with the tissue and meet it like the beloved. Listening deeply for the nuance that speaks to us, saying “Thanks, we can take it from here.”

This deep listening is also true in other areas of life. Think about it. And, enjoy!


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