Deep Feminine Wisdom Grows Our Presence

As I am reaching out to get know China, she is touching me as well.

In the beautiful Guilin, there is a huge rock formation lovingly named Elephant Mountain that sits looking over the river, with her trunk reaching down to drink in the shallows. It is covered in plants and flowers and has paths carefully placed all over it. As I walked all around the base of it, the energy was palpable. It had an ancient, solid air about it that touched my heart. But honestly, in my tiredness of traveling so far, its richness was barely reaching through my late afternoon mental fog.

All that changed the next morning when I awoke, refreshed. And, if we are placed exactly where we are meant to be, the view from my hotel room window was at the perfect floor and perfect room to be in direct alignment with the left eye of the elephant as I sat in my morning meditation. In the photo below, her trunk extends to the left, and the eye peers over the tree line directly at me. See if you can spot it, at the center of the photo below, almost lost in the garb of greenery covering her.

Quietly, as I sat, sipping my tea, gazing at her, and she back at me, a direct transmission came rolling in. The voice was deep and sonorous yet distinctly feminine. It was as though her eye looked right into my heart and saw me – really saw who I am at a soul level. It brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Here is what I heard as best I could understand it.

“Deep feminine wisdom is rising on the planet today in each of us. We have slept for a long time and are awakening now. Know that there is support here for all those doing the work of healing and balancing the planet and all sentient beings upon it. Gratitude to those who can feel it, honor it, and walk with this ancient knowing in their lives today. Thank you for recognizing me, feeling the connection and hearing me.”

This message of hope touched and filled me, as my work deals mainly with facilitating the healing process of many, many people, a lot of them women. Along with healing, I do my best to empower people to be who they are at a deep soul level.

There is much to be done and at times it can feel overwhelming in the face of so much pain and wrong doing, some from our past and some that is still being perpetrated today.

It seems I was given this message at this time to fill and prepare me for where I go next. Today, I start teaching a level three CranioSacral class (SER 1) here in Guangzhou. In every class there is much healing to facilitate, and I suspect that it will have something to do with that energy transmission from Elephant Mountain, about owning and walking with my deep feminine wisdom and therefore having the capacity to share that with others.

Whether you are a man or a woman reading this blog, are you listening to your deep wisdom – both the feminine and the masculine?




5 thoughts on “Deep Feminine Wisdom Grows Our Presence

  1. This is amazing! I LOVED that message and I could feel it all the way here in VA! I feel you are very much meant to share that message of the rising of the Feminine Divine! Enjoy!

  2. Mary Jane Scurlock

    Love your blogs they are like a circle of the oneness we are……thanks for sharing this magnificent journey mj

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