Day #19 of the “World Wide Presence Tour”

Since Gary and Fran have dubbed our month together as The Presence Tour, I would like to share our experience of how our “presence” is unfolding here. There have been so many wonderful experiences and lessons.The one that stands out is about fear and the perception of time.

Perception is a tricky thing…and in HFC Principle 4, Expand Your Perceptual Lens, we talk about how a narrow perceptual lens actually skews and limits our reality as we perceive it. This may seem elementary to some, however, we (the three of us) have had the most interesting time noticing our perceptions of how long it takes to get somewhere new when the directions are minimal at best and we are constantly scanning the horizon for the correct route.

It actually has gotten quite comical. For instance, the drive to find Lupton Lodge (our first wonderful B&B north of Auckland) seemed to take HOURS and yet the return trip was clearly about half that amount of time. This has happened now so many times we just start laughing because even though we have our directions in hand, we have stopped more than once just short of the goal thinking we MUST have gone too far…

This ties into Principle #4 because whenever we travel into the UNKNOWN (physically or metaphorically), our fear narrows our perceptual lens and we miss the signals that let us know we are doing just fine. How often this happens in life! Heading into a new relationship? Do the unknown aspects of entering something new cause you fear or excitement? Are you constantly on red alert for what you are afraid might happen? In that fear are you missing what is actually going on? Just because its unfamiliar doesn’t mean it’s bad, or you are lost, or any other stance that would narrow your perception and cause you to miss out on the joy of the present moment.

It would not be a tour about “Presence” if we were not learning something new all the time – and we are!

Here we are – ready to teach here in Sydney! Study group on Thursday and CSIR Friday – Monday


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