Daily Practices Pay Off

I have a number of daily practices that I am committed to – as firmly as I can. One of them is walking, and I try to walk at least 20 minutes per day. Some days I can only get in a brisk walk for that 20 minutes. Other days two hours. Some days I am sweaty and sticky and it is not much fun. Other days I am freezing and wondering if my nasal passages will ever thaw out. Sometimes I am on a treadmill in the club trying to not look at the television and pretending that I am outside in nature somewhere beautiful. But I do this practice as regularly as I possibly can because I feel better over all when I do. It is a rejuvenating, life-enhancing thing.

And then I get days like today. I headed out around 6pm, just before sunset and the air was cooling off from the earlier humidity. As I walked I really felt my body falling into a wonderful groove. The music playing in my ears was smooth and beautiful. I got to walk all the way around the lake, actually singing at times. I caught a beautiful sunset. All in all it was exquisite. It made up for all the sweaty and freezing times. It reminded me of why I commit to a practice like this, even when it is not always pleasant. Wow – what a walk!


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