Cris Williamson Lives On!


In the late 1970s my inner healing process was cracking open for the first time. It happened in various places and retreats centers – too many to name here – but one constant touched and opened my heart over and over again. That was the music of Cris Williamson, from her seminal album “The Changer and the Changed”.

Fast forward to last night and who is here at Esalen teaching this week and presenting the Wednesday Evening Program? My hero of many years ago. I got to see her in concert during those years long ago – but she was a small speck on a stage. Last night, as you can see, it was close up and fun to hear her talented voice and warm, kind presence.

Esalen keeps offering me these opportunities for gratitude. I love it. Go pick up one of her 31 albums/CDs and enjoy!


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