Creativity and Painting

In this blog series on creativity, I want to applaud and support my long time friend Jody Tompros, who will be launching a class this summer (and another series in the fall and winter for all of you who are already committed elsewhere) on mindfulness and painting. It will be a small intimate group, no experience, or lots of experience in painting already – it does not matter.

This endeavor is exciting because it brings together decades of her heart centered psychotherapy experience in helping people find their inner truth, with picking up a paint brush and expressing it!

Her own paintings are amazing and I have loved watching her these last ten years as she has matured as an artist and discovered her own inner joy and creativity. Painting has been an incredible outlet and resource for her and I know she is going to do the same for all her students.

I was in an ongoing art class twenty five years ago very similar to this one, and although what I created will never be hung in a gallery, it sparked my own creativity in a very primal way. In that small group, I created all kinds of things. Plus, with support and guidance I did my first writing and created my original logo for Healing From the Core.

So if what I have written here speaks to you in some way, go visit her website and check it out.

And, enjoy!


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