Creativity and FEAR – Liz Gilbert Does it!

Liz Gilbert & MeLast night was the first keynote here at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival and Liz Gilbert really knocked it out of the ballpark. Here are the highlights that really touched me a writer.

She talked about the fact the FEAR is the constant companion of creativity. It just goes with the territory because creativity, by its nature, means that you don’t know the exact outcome, which FEAR abhors. In other words, you cannot do without your FEAR, so how do you co-exist with it and keep on going?

Then she launched into a wonderful story that had me roaring with laughter. She told us she has an actual out loud conversation with her FEAR every time she launches a new project. She tells her FEAR that she and her creativity are going on a road trip together in the minivan and that FEAR is totally invited, but there are certain rules.

Here they are as I remember them (I want to apologize in advance because I was laughing so hard in self recognition that I may have missed a few.)
1. FEAR cannot drive the minivan at any point in this road trip.
2. It has no voice in the planning of the trip.
3. It is not allowed to take them off track once the trip begins.
4. What it can do is to whine, plead and express itself whenever needed, knowing that no one else in the minivan will be listening to it from its way back seat location.

She went into great detail about all the faces of FEAR – perfectionism being right at the top of the list. The other faces were all familiar and varied but I have lost them now.

Then she told us one final gem that her mom lived by and said constantly to her. I wish I could remember it exactly. It is something like, “Done is better than perfect.” I LOVE that – it truly spoke to one of my favorite stopping points where my own FEAR can stop me at times. However, I am about to have my own conversation with FEAR so I can fully move into what I came here to do at a Soul level.

I have to run now as I am speaking today on Living From Your Full Compassionate Heart and I need to prepare, so this post may not be perfect but it is DONE!

I challenge you all to have your own conversation with your FEAR and see what happens…

And, enjoy!


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