Creativity and Community

It is exciting to be gathered here at Claymont Court with 17 Healing From the Core advanced level community members – Presenters, Practitioners, and Instructors – my tribe.

It may be really cold outside, but the warmth of this gathering is feeding and nurturing us all, not to mention the exquisite, delicious food of chef Tina Gordon.

After affirming and deepening our rich interconnections yesterday, today we are all about conceiving – creating this new advanced level of the Healing From the Core curriculum: Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications III.

The discussion and practices have ignited us all, as we explore this growing edge of who we are, as well as what we will be bringing to our advanced students in the coming year.

I feel such deep gratitude to my community, to this place and to the loving field that we all are creating together. May it continue to grow and unfold! And, enjoy!


One thought on “Creativity and Community

  1. Good Morning Suzanne,
    I look forward every time I receive anything from you, I to wish I was with all of you in Claymount Court as well with the tribe. I have realized since this last Jan course I feel like part of the tribe as well. Thank you, I have many changes occurring in my life this year and I give thanks to Spirit for the ability to remain calm and remember the teaching that you have brought to my awareness. I thank spirit for you Suzanne. I really look forward to having my husband taste what it is we are doing, and being able to relate more to one an other. (As you had mentioned speak the same language!) Today it is so snowy but I feel warm inside knowing that the tribe is together and I am part of all that there is. With sincere love Sandra xoxo

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