Creativity and Chocolate

It is a wonderful fact that dark chocolate is healthy for us in appropriate amounts. It has been found to curb appetite and improve gut health among other things. The higher the cacao ratio (70% or higher is suggested) the more polyphenols which enhance production of nitric oxide (which relaxes your arterial walls), blunt the effects of free radicals and help us to “turn on” beneficial genes.

In the past three weeks two different chocolatiers have gotten really creative with their products to bring us a delicious and healthy experience. First, I was gifted with a box of ALL THE WEI dark chocolate assortment (68-80% cacao depending on which flavor). Thanks Kate! It came with a story, of course, which you can read on their website. Each piece is made to fit into the roof of your mouth so you can let it simply melt there. There are nine different flavors with names like Love Rose Chili, Gratitude Chai Spice, Beautiful Peppermint and Peace Lavender Grey. My favorite was the Radiant Super Dark and the Beautiful Peppermint. It really did fit right into the roof of my mouth and I was almost able to let it melt completely before chewing the last morsel of it. Website is:

Then just this past week, I was perusing a famous herbalist’s website and tripped over something fantastic. Someone had created a dark chocolate bar made with Frankincense essential oil. Now let me say right now that I LOVE frankincense – the scent, it’s healing properties, everything about it. When ordering it the woman on the other end of the phone informed me that “Frankincense is an acquired taste and perhaps I would like to try it first before buying multiple bars”…I hesitated… then went for it. She was wrong. It arrived and all I can tell you is that it is divine. Made only with raw organic cacao, maple sugar, cacao butter and frankincense papyrifera essential oil, it is out of this world. I cautiously shared it with two other people to see if perhaps it is an acquired taste (remember my love of all things frankincense), but they were equally delighted. So check it out at

It is such a delight to see creativity alive and well in this arena – making chocolate both healthy and totally delicious. And, enjoy!


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