Creativity 101- John Cleese Rides Again

As I am completing my next book, I am acutely aware of my personal creative process and doing all I can to nurture it. I was therefore thrilled to get the May Integrative Wellness newsletter from my friend and colleague, Dr. Joel Ying, which included a short (10:36 mins) Youtube piece by creativity expert John Cleese. It is fantastic and funny all at the same time. Here it is:

And Joel’s monthly newsletter is always creative, short and relevant as well.

The other interesting thing about John Cleese’s talk on creativity is something I have noticed when I am speaking in public too. When you are talking to an audience whose first language is not your own, your humor is not responded to as quickly or perhaps not responded to at all! Listen for yourself and let me know if you laughed out loud like I did, even as his audience was mostly silent.

And, enjoy!


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