Creative Magic in Expanding Present Moment Consciousness

I have just completed a rich week full of creativity and change. There is much to tell you. For this post I will share the delightful surprise that showed up on Saturday in my advanced HFC workshop, Expanding Present Moment Consciousness. Allow me to set the stage for you.

This turned out to be one of my smaller trainings – there were only 10 participants and one staff person – a wonderfully intimate group. After three days of building a group container of skills that included hands-on work, breath, movement and sound as well as establishing a safe setting for all, I lectured on the alchemical protocol for disconnecting from unhealthy, draining events, decisions, and beliefs. This includes the unhealthy aspects of relationships with those in our lives, both institutions and family systems.

This is when the magic began. Normally I would do a demonstration, followed by practice sessions in groups of three. If you can do simple math you see the problem already – uneven group size and not enough staff people to even it out. I sat with it all morning, wondering how best to organize everyone. Multiple people came up to me quietly and asked to be grouped here or there. None of the groupings felt right.

Now let me say right here that I know better than to get irritated or frustrated at this point. I left it alone to swirl around inside me, knowing that some other creative process was cooking. I could not see it clearly yet, but I knew it was coming and I felt a deep but quiet excitement inside.

The answer came to me as I took a short walk. What if I did a session for each person – all ten of them – using the 20 minute time frame they would have received in their normal practice session? What if we did this while sitting on the circle together so that all the other participants could witness and support each other in their healing? This would give them all the added benefit of getting to watch nine other sessions, rather than only the two they would have gotten otherwise in their groups of three. AND, it would allow them to watch an experienced person successfully meet some pretty interesting challenges.

This idea felt right to me, however, I needed to check it out with the group. Everyone was in agreement – let’s try it the new way! SO off we went. Gliding effortlessly from person to person, we spent an entire afternoon moving through ten totally unique and challenging situations. It was powerful and magical to watch how we all were in sync and moving together through this healing and transformational process.

I loved it. I got to do what I do best and the group benefited immensely as well. The feedback afterwards was overwhelmingly positive, with comments like, “It would have taken years of mentoring with you to get to see you work so deeply and effectively with so many different situations.” Or, “Having your undivided attention, along with the whole group’s support, centered on my seemingly impossible inner dilemma enabled me to  move right on through it with such grace and ease!”

In the aftermath of this new structure showing up I have realized that I want this level of excellence every year in this training. What we had was clearly ideal circumstances for learning, being mentored, healing and transformation. I am surrendering to the creative magic that brought me this experience and hoping it can help me see how to make it permanent, if possible. May the dance continue!

More on creativity in my following posts. And, enjoy!


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  1. Julie McLaren

    I am interested in learning about ” alchemical protocol for disconnecting from unhealthy, draining events, decisions, and beliefs. This includes the unhealthy aspects of relationships with those in our lives, both institutions and family systems.”
    Could you provide suggestions :literature and courses ?

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