Creating Sacred Space

Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications I – Day One

As we began our time together yesterday the first foundational step we took was to lay out how to create sacred space – in the circles we may lead, in our families, with friends – in life. For those preparing to hold space for others in a more masterful way, this is vital.

Why create sacred space? For me, it is a calling in of what makes my life richest. It is an invocation to Spirit to join with me for whatever is for the Highest Good. It is a conscious choice to join with the Great Mystery of life.

And, in community as well as personally, there are certain basic steps that facilitate this process. So, we as a group created those steps and thus called in the Sacred, to journey with us and support our healing work over the next five days. It was a powerful invocation this time.

We are at a time in history when we all need to be creating sacred space as we go through our days, so I am including them here in this blog post for the benefit of everyone.

What are the Four Steps?

  1. Calling on your unseen support (by reading from a sacred text, saying a prayer or meditation.)
  2. Opening to receiving this support – adopting an attitude of gratitude often facilitates this process of opening your heart.
  3. Setting a holy intention – consciously – for whatever you are about to embark upon. Be clear and as specific as possible.
  4. Releasing it to the Divine so that you can let go of the outcome. It is necessary to surrender to the healing flow of life’s energy that is going to carry your holy intention through. Remember that surrender does not mean “giving up”. It means letting go of the need to control the process and the outcome.

If you want an actual experience of this process I invite you to attend any of the Healing From the Core circles or to read Full Body Presence and listen to the audio. And, enjoy!


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