Courageous Heart Energy Abounds Here – WWPT Continues

The class here in Guangzhou is made up of 21 Chinese women from all walks of life. Each day I look out from the front of the class on this group of demure, polite, intelligent women – all of them beautiful, each in their own unique way.

Most of them younger than me.
Most of them making a career change to engage in CranioSacral therapy.
Most of them carrying heavy cultural trauma about being a woman in a deeply patriarchal system. In recent Chinese history a woman’s worth has been consistently denigrated in their families of origin as well as in the culture as a whole. The treatment of women overall has been abysmal and it is carried in their body memories.

So I am deeply touched by the courageous hearts that are emerging in the healing work of this class. Yesterday we did a protocol that freed up their voices and ability to express who they really are. These women are overcoming obstacles and moving through resistance that is huge. And they are doing it with such willingness and vigor. Their power is returning.

Their deep feminine wisdom is rising. The women’s movement in this part of China is alive and well if what I am seeing in this class is any indicator.

I am honored to be facilitating this healing for everyone in the class, and for those it will ripple out to as they leave here and return to their families and their lives.


3 thoughts on “Courageous Heart Energy Abounds Here – WWPT Continues

  1. What a crucial moment and important work is developing among you! Truly a blessing to this world. We all benefit when the power of deep feminine wisdom rises.
    Sacred tears caught in my heart and just behind my eyes. Thank you for that touch.
    Goddess Blessings,

  2. Cynthia Schell

    Thank you…hearing about your experiences in China are fascinating. I always love to hear that heart energy and the deep feminine are expanding, especially in parts of the world that so far away. Sending love from Virginia, North America!

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