Courage in Action

November 12, 2013

Having just returned from Trauma Recovery to Ecstasy, I feel the need to speak to the process that occurred across the last week as the participants dived into their healing process and emerged with shining faces and hearts.

This work of healing the nervous system is not easy. It requires deep courage – the capacity to be in one’s heart and to lovingly hold new or ancient pain as it slowly dissipates and releases its grip on the body and spirit. It requires trust in the healing process. It requires stamina to stay with it when all else drops away. And it requires self-love to sustain the journey.

The circle of people who gathered this past week were some of the most courageous I have ever worked with – I was deeply touched by their readiness and willingness to meet some extremely difficult, longstanding, deep issues that many would think unchangeable.

And yet,  we know otherwise. I felt their shining hearts when we hugged goodbye on Sunday afternoon and realized they were leaving with a new knowledge about how they can heal and grow across their lives from this day forward. I am in awe.

To all of you there this past week, thank you for allowing me and the staff to witness and facilitate your process – it was an honor.


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