Connecting With Emilie Conrad

I dreamed I saw Emilie last night,
As close as close can be,
She smiled and whispered in my ear,
And love was all I could see.

We walked a path along a stream,
Her presence was vibrant and glowing,
She told me things I wanted to know,
And the stream continued flowing.

She told me I could return there,
To that bright stream and to her presence,
To trust that our connection was real,
That love was at its essence.

I awakened wanting more,
Missing her anew,
And yet she is not gone at all,
She lives in me and you.

Thank you Emilie for that warm, sweet experience in dream time.

The Continuum office just announced a time to remember her this August 31st – Sept. 2nd all over the world. Below is the link to the information on these wonderful gatherings.

And, enjoy!


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