Connecting Deeply to the Immune System

As we round the curve of the third day of the CranioSacral Immune Response class here at the Upledger Institute, I am fascinated by how powerful the work we do is, when someone is fully present. What does this mean? It means being able to feel your feet on the floor, your spine, your heart, and all the other parts of who you are when you step up to the table to facilitate someone else’s healing process.

It also means being able to connect from that place deep within you, to the person on your treatment table. It means letting go of all expectations other than being as fully present as you can in each moment. It means allowing the other person to move through their process, whatever that looks like, at a pace that works for them. Sometimes that can be intense, sometimes quiet and sometimes – as we have been learning in this class – including dialogue that helps the immune system come back into its natural balance.

It is wonderful, exciting work. I feel blessed to be here getting to share it with this group of students and my colleagues Tim Hutton and Hank Meldrum.


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