Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our office staff is working from home. To maintain social distancing and protect the high-risk members of our families, staff will be responding to all incoming requests by email, as we are not available to answer the phone.

Additionally, we will only be visiting the office to ship CD and DVD orders once per week. This may add a delay to product order shipments of as much as 7-10 days.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to protect our families, colleagues, clients and customers during these challenging times.

Healing From the Core®

Suzanne Scurlock
Healing From the Core Developer

Office Manager: Christy Allison
Sponsor Coordinator: Lynn Foley

General office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
from 10:30AM to 4:30PM Eastern

Phone: (703) 620-4509
Fax: (703) 620-4504

Mailing address:
Healing From the Core
P.O. Box 2534
Reston, Virginia 20195


Suzanne Scurlock and Healing From the Core proudly support diversity.


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