Congratulations to Alieza

For the next week or so I will be taking time off from my practice (and this blog) to attend my daughter Alieza’s graduation in Berlin, Germany. I am so proud of her hard work and what she has accomplished. This is my first family vacation in two years and I am excited.

My office will remain open and Christy will be available for registrations and questions.

Talk again in a couple of weeks. And, enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Alieza

  1. Julietta Cochrane

    Dear Suzanne

    I hope you are well … I am so sorry that your seminars in Ayr won’t be going ahead, I really value your contribution and your work and having met you in London last year really wanted to continue.

    Are you teaching any equivalent seminars elsewhere in the world? Had I known I would probably have come to Copenhagen which is why I am asking now …

    I asked Michael Kern if your teaching could be extended in London in September but it appears that the venue has prior commitments.

    All the best to you


    • Hi Julietta,
      You have not missed out – I was vacationing in Copenhagen, not teaching. And these classes are offered in the U.S. Here is our website with all the information. I am sorry the classes got canceled as well, however I am hoping that the Heart of Healing will be happening in London, Sept. 15-16. Please help us fill that workshop and I will see you there for more fun and learning.

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