Cellular Resonance: Radiant Health is Coming This Friday


As I prepare for the upcoming workshop with Emilie Conrad, I have found myself dreaming about cellular resonance. Different ideas have been flooding in as I contemplate how to complement Emilie’s fluid movement, breath and sound explorations with non-invasive hands on protocols. This is a rich, creative time period for me because I feel as though the universe is informing me in every aspect of my life about what I will be teaching in the upcoming workshop.

I dream about it at night, and  during the day I find books, articles and websites popping up with what I need for the workshop. Things show up in sessions with my clients that give me pieces to add to the workshop. It becomes a matter of gleaning what is most relevant from the waves of information that are rolling in.

I am looking forward to collaborating with Emilie – every year she challenges us all to see the world differently – to see ourselves differently – and to breathe into this new experience of life that has so much more fluidity, energy and resilience. I always finish this workshop with a lot more energy than I start with. It is exciting!

So come and join us if you can – or purchase the professionally filmed DVD set of the workshop – it is the next best thing to being there and it is $50 off if you pre-order it!


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