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Preparing for a New Year – Step Three

Yesterday I wrote about becoming aware of what you could let go of in your life – what you could eliminate that is getting in the way of your Soul’s path. The problem is that often when we become aware of these things, we can encounter heavy resistance to actually eliminating them. So our topic for today is: ... Read More

Preparing for a New Year – Step Two

Yesterday I spoke about acknowledging and truly owning what has gone right for me this year. This is a big deal for me given my basic nature. So in the last 24 hours I have sat with all the wonderful things that have occurred this year. I have reflected on what has grown in terms of my ... Read More

Preparing for a New Year

I love this quiet week between Christmas and New Years. I prepare myself for the coming year by reflecting on what has transpired in the past year that I am most thankful for. Things that happened spontaneously that have brought me joy. Things that I planned and worked for that turned out well. Things that came to fruition ... Read More