Carolyn Hax Nails it Again

As I am completing the first chapter in my next book, I was delighted to read Carolyn Hax  in the Washington Post this morning on how to process big emotional times in a way that feeds rather than drains you – meaning, not suppressing your emotions but also not drowning in them. How does this work?

One of the wisdom areas of the body that I am writing about is how our legs and feet hold the capacity to help us integrate big stuff – digesting and solving problems that seem insurmountable, or processing emotions that feel overwhelming. As in, get out and take a walk or a run or ride your bike. Get moving in a way that involves your whole body rhythmically and promotes cross body movement like walking and swinging your arms does.

In her recent column Carolyn advises a bride-to-be who is full of emotions from who- knows-where to go take a walk as one of the options to help process what she is going through. I want this columnist in my court as I finish this next book!

Here is the link to her whole column. And after you read it – get out and take a walk and tell me what you think. And, enjoy!


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