Candace Pert Leaves Her Mark

My colleague Avadhan Larson just sent me the following LINK  about the death of Candace Pert on September 12th. I immediately felt a loss of a giant in the healing field and certainly someone I learned from early on through her book, Molecules of Emotion.  It clarified and explained so much of what I was feeling under my hands as I did CranioSacral therapy. It also explained the science behind why my Healing From the Core principles worked as well as they did. In other words, she gave me left-brained concepts and language to explain what had previously been only right-brained knowing. I have deep gratitude for what she brought to the planet. And now she is gone.

Two years ago she spoke at the ACEP conference here in Reston. She and I got to hang out and chat about many things over that weekend. I have to say, she was a HOOT. I understood why she and Dr. Upledger had gotten along so well. She had a similar brilliant streak that ‘thinks outside of the box’ and honestly did not care what the rest of the world thought about it. She also had a very similar ability for honesty and vulnerability that really touched me. I am glad I had that time with her and I am sorry she is gone.

Thank you Candace for all that you gave us – we will carry on!


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