Calling You to Your Senses

Tomorrow starts our advanced level training, Expanding Present Moment Consciousness – it is a training that I love to teach because I see it as a coming home to our senses – first order sensations that signal us that we are present in the moment.

As I was taking a walk a few days ago, my sense of smell became totally immersed in the scent of honey suckle. It is that time of year and it was everywhere. As I inhaled deeply, I felt as though my nose was having it’s own form of an orgasm. I could literally feel the tingling down into my toes as we continued our leisurely walk on down the path.

It was the perfect preparation for the next five days of releasing whatever is in the way of our present moment experience, so that we can come home to ourselves more fully – mind, body and spirit – in each moment of our lives. See you there!


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