Calling All CST Therapists to Dream Bigger

After 27 years of practice and teaching CST, and over a decade of mentoring CST students in my local area, I am really excited to be able to share in a wider way what has made my practice successful.  For me, this is a large part of my life’s work – helping others to reach for the next level in taking CranioSacral therapy into the world. This wonderful work we do needs to be out there in a bigger way and to do that, we as therapists need to dream bigger and have the skills to extend our reach further.

So when Kate Mackinnon contacted me last year and asked if I wanted to partner with her, I felt an instant excitement within me. So today you all will receive the formal invitation to join our four month – Empower Your CranioSacral Practice online course. If you are a CST therapist and it speaks to you, act now and join us for our virgin voyage of this program.

If you are not a therapist, please pass it on to your CST therapist. Don’t have a therapist? Find one easily at

And, enjoy!


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