Calling all CranioSacral Therapists

Late last year my colleague, Kate Mackinnon called me to talk about how to take CST into the world in a bigger way – a vision we both hold near and dear to our hearts. And, her recently published book, From My Hands and Heart: Achieving Health and Balance Through Craniosacral Therapy, had opened up a whole new world for her in terms of sharing this work we both love.

It is no secret how much trauma, how much suffering there currently is in the world. Anyone in our field knows the magnitude of the physical and emotional trauma we see everyday. There are many new areas opening up every day where our advanced CS skills are needed – and we are both deeply inspired to support that happening for as many therapists as we can.

SO…this past weekend here at Esalen was spent with Kate, creating a brand new webinar of support for CS therapists of all kinds. It is designed to empower CranioSacral therapists to break through their limitations and take their practices to a bigger level. And all without travel expenses or time restraints – ah, the ease of recorded online information that can be listened to at any time!

And, we had a blast doing it – scroll down for photos taken as we were finishing up –you can join us laughing and feeling satisfied with all that we accomplished in terms of sharing our collective 40+ years of CST experience. There will be four sessions that will include a long Q & A as well as practice time in each session.

So look for the invitation in the next week and join us for the maiden voyage of this wonderful collaboration!


2 thoughts on “Calling all CranioSacral Therapists

  1. I am thrilled to be doing this webinar with Suzanne. We say that when you receive multi hands from 2 therapists it is more than double. The same was true when Suzanne and I got together and started talking and sharing from our collective experiences! Look forward to meeting you online!

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