Jan 1 2017 – Dec 31 2019 all-day Online and Phone Conference
Want to tune up your immune system dialoguing skills? Long time since you looked at your Immune System course notes? Ready to refresh your knowledge base as you discuss challenging cases? CST and the Immune ... Read More
Sep 23 2017 – Dec 31 2018 all-day Virtual Event
How would it feel to be truly comfortable and at ease in your own skin? To be able to release the residue of traumas and long-held blocks that may be hijacking your joy, creativity and ... Read More
Dec 12 2017 – Dec 31 2018 all-day Virtual Event
What if you could start feeling more at home in your body AND life?… Clear, safe, and grounded. So that you can live a life that’s creative, happy, and healthful — despite the outer turbulence ... Read More